The Yawpers are the sheep in wolf's clothing. Through their first three albums, the group divined a signature style-what Pitchfork described as "an expansive vision of rock 'n' roll, one that cherrypicks from various folk traditions: punk, rockabilly, blues, whatever they might have on hand or find in the trash." The sound is a front-heavy, groovy, fire & brimstone punk-blues overlying a dynamic and metaphysical roots rock. On their fourth album Human Question, the Denver trio zooms out to a more vast and accessible stylistic and spiritual universe. The 38-minute thrill ride generates growth and cathartic self-reflection for audience and performer alike. If there was justice in this world, the Yawpers would be the savior that rock and roll didn't know it was waiting for.

Track List:

1.1 Child of Mercy
1.2 Dancing on My Knees
1.3 Human Question
1.4 Man As Ghost
1.5 Earn Your Heaven
1.6 Reason to Believe
1.7 Carry Me
1.8 Forgiveness Through Pain
1.9 Can't Wait
1.10 Where the Winters End

Label: Bloodshot Records

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