2011 vinyl LP repressing of the Australian Rock trio's 2006 debut album. The band digs deep into the rock of the '70s, and there's inspiration to be found from Zeppelin, Sabbath, Soundgarden, Jethro Tull, Yes and Rush. There's also inspiration from The White Stripes and Queens of the Stone Age. It's a bunch of bizarre amalgams, but it's all still very charming, and their funk rock force indicates that this would be one heckuva live band. A promising beginning. 13 tracks. LP comes with lyrics and an info sheet. Bertus Distribution.

Track List:
1.1 Dimension 04:21
1.2 White Unicorn 05:04
1.3 Woman 02:56
1.4 Where Eagles Have Been 05:33
1.5 Apple Tree 03:30
1.6 Joker and the Thief 04:40
2.1 Colossal 05:04
2.2 Mind's Eye 04:54
2.3 Pyramid 04:27
2.4 Witchcraft 03:25
2.5 Tales from the Forest of Gnomes 03:38
2.6 Love Train 03:01
2.7 Vagabond 03:50

Label: Music on Vinyl NL

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