Double vinyl LP pressing. The soundtrack from the classic and influential 1979 film, adapted by director Franc Roddam from the Who's 1973 rock opera, set against a backdrop of the mods vs rockers battles of the period. With a searing performance by Phil Daniels as Jimmy, the disaffected mod. Also stars Leslie Ash and Sting as the 'ace face'. Includes 13 The Who tracks - several re-recorded and remixed exclusively for the soundtrack. This reissue also features 3 new tracks not on the original album.

Track List:

1.1 I Am the Sea
1.2 The Real Me
1.3 I'm One
1.4 5:15
1.5 Love Reign O'er Me
2.1 Bell Boy
2.2 I've Had Enough
2.3 Helpless Dancer
2.4 Doctor Jimmy
3.1 Zoot Suit
3.2 Hi Heel Sneakers
3.3 Get Out and Stay Out
3.4 Four Faces
3.5 Joker James
3.6 The Punk and the Godfather
4.1 Night Train
4.2 Louie Louie
4.3 Green Onions
4.4 Rhythm of the Rain
4.5 He's So Fine
4.6 Be My Baby
4.7 Da Doo Ron Ron

Label: Geffen Records

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