Recorded in a barn-turned-studio in rural Ontario, the seven songs that make up Viet Cong were born largely on the road, when Flegel and bandmates Mike Wallace, Scott Munro and Daniel Christiansen embarked on a 50-date tour that stretched virtually every limit imaginable. Close quarters hastened their exhaustion but also honed them as a group. You can designate records as seasonal, and you can feel Viet Cong's bleakness and declare it wintry. But the only way you get a frost is when there's something warmer to freeze up.

Track List:

1.1 Newspaper Spoons
1.2 Pointless Experience
1.3 March of Progress
1.4 Bunker Buster
1.5 Continental Shelf
1.6 Silhouettes
1.7 Death

Label: Jagjaguwar

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