Vinyl LP pressing. For their first outing, new London-based reissue label Foam On A Wave resurface the remarkable debut album from one of the UK's foremost artists of 'ambient techno', Ultramarine's Folk. Like the surrealist collage of the sleeve designed by Benoit Hennebert, Ultramarine weave together unique instrumentation and sonic influences into rich, ethereal soundscapes, now fully remastered for it's 30th anniversary. Ian Cooper and Paul Hammond admitted they weren't totally sure what they were doing when they signed a record deal with the famously bohemian label Les Disques du Crepuscule and found themselves on their way to Brussels. There, over a two week stint, the Essex duo recorded the album - drawing on a kaleidoscopic palette influenced by both the Canterbury scene's jazz-infused psychedelia, as well as the contemporary Benelux scene, with particular nods to the likes of Benjamin Lew, The Durutti Column and Anna Domino. Folk both sits apart from and serves as a precursor to the 'pastoral techno' sound Ultramarine went on to pioneer.

Track List:

1.1 Lobster
1.2 Antiseptic
1.3 Bronze Eye
1.4 Bastard Folk
1.5 Bullprong
1.6 Softspot
1.7 Vulgar Streak
1.8 The Golden Target

Label: Foam on a Wave

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