Two Sheds' music takes the tender and direct pop mindset of someone like Liz Phair straight to the top floor. Caitlin's voice may remind listeners of Kristen Hersh or Mazzy Star, sounding like she's weeping in the sad songs and smiling in the happy songs. The band takes the California rock-soul of comrades like Mother Hips or 90's indie wizards Pavement, driving to the essence of a song in the shortest path possible. They are pushing themselves to dig down to the still-genuine heart of rock and roll, where true love still resides, away from the false promises of the searchlights. They will dare you to not be enamored.

Track List:

1.1 Come Home
1.2 I Am My Own
1.3 It's Okay
1.4 Choose
1.5 The Feel
1.6 In the Beginning
1.7 You Get to Me
1.8 Nighttime
1.9 Bully
1.10 Assembling
1.11 Heavy
1.12 Gone
1.13 Get It Out
1.14 When You Left

Label: Crossbill Records

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