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Originally released on the small White Whale label, The Turtles' original albums have remained stubbornly out of print for many years. At last, Manifesto Records will be releasing the entire six album White Whale Turtles catalog on double LP sets, with a wealth of rare bonus material on each and every LP set. The first three LPs, It Ain't Me Babe, You Baby and Happy Together, are presented in their original mono and stereo mixes. The remaining three eds, Battle Of The Bands, Turtle Soup and Wooden Head, feature a generous assortment of rare bonus tracks, including some previously unreleased material.

Track List:

1.1 Come Over
1.2 House on the Hill
1.3 She Always Leaves Me Laughing
1.4 How You Love Me
1.5 Torn Between Temptations
1.6 Love in the City
2.1 Bachelor Mother
2.2 John ; Julie
2.3 Hot Little Hands
2.4 Somewhere Friday Night
2.5 Dance This Dance with Me
2.6 You Don't Have to Walk in the Rain
3.1 Goodbye Surprise
3.2 Like It or Not
3.3 There You Sit Lonely
3.4 Can I Go on
3.5 You Want to Be a Woman
3.6 If We Only Had the Time
4.1 Dance This Dance with Me (Demo)
4.2 Come Over (Demo) [Previously Unreleased]
4.3 How You Love Me (Demo)
4.4 Strange Girl (Demo) [Previously Unreleased]
4.5 Marmendy Mill (Demo)
4.6 Turtle Soup Radio Spot

Label: Manifesto Records
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