A person whose words are so potent that they cause the people and beings around them to vibrate is said to have a "silver tongue." It's apt, then, that Mackenzie Scott-who has spent the 2010s making boundary-pushing pop music under her Torres moniker-has chosen to call her fourth album, and first on Merge, just that. Recorded at O'Deer in Brooklyn, New York, Silver Tongue is a full-scale realization of the world Scott has created over Torres' last few albums. Even when singing in more subdued tones, Scott's voice is fervent, her lyrics stirring and unyielding as she draws from both the divine and the everyday
Track List:
1.1 Good Scare
1.2 Last Forest
1.3 Dressing America
1.4 Records of Your Tenderness
1.5 Two of Everything
1.6 Good Grief
1.7 A Few Blue Flowers
1.8 Gracious Day
1.9 Silver Tongue

Label: Merge Records

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