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Limited triple vinyl LP pressing. 2015 release, the fourth studio album by indie band Titus Andronicus. The Most Lamentable Tragedy is a rock opera in five acts. The central narrative of TMLT (A a work of fiction,A claims singer/songwriter Patrick Stickles) concerns an unnamed protagonist whom we meet in deep despair. Following an encounter with his own doppelganger (an enigmatic stranger, identical in appearance though opposite in disposition), long held secrets are revealed, sending our protagonist on a transformative odyssey, through past lives and new loves, to the shocking revelation that the very thing that sustains him may be the thing to destroy him. TMLT was produced by frequent collaborator Kevin McMahon and lead guitarist Adam Reich. The core band is rounded out by the long-standing rhythm section of Eric Harm (drums) and Julian Veronesi (bass) plus rookie guitarist Jonah Maurer. Joining in throughout are pianist Elio DeLuca and violinist Owen Pallett, beside a cast of guests representing some of New YorkA s most exciting bands. TMLT is both the crown jewel of the bandA s discography and the legend that contextualizes their entire body of work. It reveals that they are what hardcore fans have said they are for years, and what the world must now recognize them to be: not merely the greatest rock and roll band of this era, but one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time.

Track List:

1.1 The Angry Hour
1.2 No Future Part IV - No Future Triumphant
1.3 Stranded (On My Own)
1.4 Lonely Boy
1.5 I Lost My Mind
1.6 Look Alive
1.7 The Magic Morning
1.8 Lookalike
1.9 I Lost My Mind
1.10 Mr. E. Mann
1.11 Fired Up
1.12 Dimed Out
2.1 More Perfect Union
2.2 Come on, Siobhan
1.15 (S)He Said / (S)He Said
2.4 Auld Lang Syne
1.17 Fatal Flaw
1.18 Please
3.2 (S)He Said / (S)He Said
1.20 A Pair of Brown Eyes
1.21 Auld Lang Syne
1.22 I'm Going Insane (Finish Him)
3.6 The Fall
1.24 Into the Void (Filler)
3.8 No Future Part V - in Endless Dreaming
1.26 [ Seven Seconds ]
3.10 Stable Boy
1.28 A Moral

Label: Merge Records
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