The legendary 1983 EP from the mighty thunder god of heavy metal, Thor, gets reissued on a gorgeous LP! This is the EP that put Thor atop the Mt. Olympus of the metal world with unforgettable, fist-pumping metal anthems such as "Lightning Strikes," "Anger," and "Rock The City!"
Track List:

1.1 Lightning Strikes
1.2 Anger
1.3 Rock the City
1.4 Lazer Eyes
1.5 When Gods Collide
1.6 Death March
1.7 War Hammer
1.8 Rebirth of the Hero
1.9 Ride from Hell
1.10 Rag-Na-Rock
1.11 Unchained (When Rises the Moon)
1.12 She's a Nightmare
1.13 Anger
1.14 Lightning Strikes
1.15 Lazer Eyes
1.16 I Am Your Sire
1.17 Rock the City
1.18 When Gods Collide
2.1 Anger Concept Video
2.2 Raw Footage
2.3 Live in NY, 1982
2.4 Live from Queens, NY, 1985
2.5 Live at St. Alban's Hall, 1984
2.6 Live at the Marque, 1984

Label: Cleopatra

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