Double 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Stunning compilation from the Topic vaults. An introduction to the magical work of June Tabor. Covering songs from her many record releases on the Topic Record label between 1976 to 2011. June Tabor is quiet simply one of Britain's greatest interpreters of popular Folk song and has been described by Elvis Costello as 'The great voice of English folk music'. June is known for her solo work as well as for her earlier collaborations with Maddy Prior and with the Oyster Band. Of her career, June says, "I have no musical education whatsoever... I just learned the songs and copied the phrasing by playing those records ad nauseam, trying out both [Anne Briggs and Belle Stewart] singers' styles. Then I tried putting the two together, and missing a few bits out - and that's approximately what I've been doing ever since. It's also why I don't do singing workshops, because that's about as much as I can tell anyone."

Track List:
1.1 While Gamekeeprs Lie Sleeping
1.2 The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
1.3 No Man's Land/Flowers of the Forest
1.4 Unicorns
1.5 The Scarecrow
1.6 A Smiling Shore
1.7 Aqaba
1.8 A Place Called England
1.9 Oh! Alas, I Am in Love
1.10 The Rigs of Rye
1.11 Finisterre
1.12 The Dark End of the Street

Label: Vinyl 180 / Virtual

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