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T.REX - 1972 Vinyl LP

T.REX - 1972 Vinyl LP

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Having risen to superstardom through 1971, 1972 saw Marc Bolan attain the heights of "T. Rexmania," or "T. Rextasy," as the press dubbed the frenzy that took over the UK's music scene.

This 2LP set features highlights from that year. It brings together the 1972 Tony Visconti-produced studio recordings, broadcasts and performances made by Bolan and his band, T. Rex, putting the listener into the shoes of a T. Rex fan that year, with selections from singles, albums, live concerts, radio broadcasts, a film soundtrack and more.

The collection charts Bolan's manic year mirabilis as he toured the world; he was a ubiquitous figure in concert halls, at press conferences, on radio stations, television and throughout the press. Now, 50 years since his commercial peak, the full breadth of his artistry is revealed via classic hits, contemplative ballads and rare recordings - with a dash of Elton and Ringo thrown in for good measure.

This 2 LP set contains selections from:

"Live At Wembley" - historic T. Rex concert from 18 March 1972 "Born To Boogie" The Soundtrack Album, featuring Elton John and Ringo Starr Marc Bolan and T. Rex's US and UK Radio Sessions 1972 album tracks and B-sides, plus a "lost" version of "Telegram Sam" from the Christmas Top Of The Pops


Side A - Live at Wembley, March 1972:

  1. Jeepster
  2. Telegram Sam
  3. Cosmic Dancer
  4. Hot Love
  5. Summertime Blues

Side B - 1972 US & UK Radio Sessions:

  1. Spaceball Ricochet
  2. Main Man
  3. Baby Strange
  4. Metal Guru
  5. Mystic Lady
  6. Solid Gold Easy Action

Side C - Watch Me Now:

  1. Tutti Frutti (Elton John, Ringo Starr & T. Rex)
  2. Children Of The Revolution (Elton John, Ringo Starr & T. Rex)
  3. Tea Party Medley: Jeepster / Hot Love / Get It On / The Slider
  4. Baby Boomerang
  5. Ballrooms Of Mars
  6. Chariot Choogle

Side D - T. Rextras:

  1. Cadilac
  2. Thunderwing
  3. Jitterbug Love
  4. Sunken Rags
  5. Born To Boogie
  6. Telegram Sam (TOTP Xmas '72)

Label: Demon Records

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