Survivor -The Best Of Survivor-Greatest Hits w/Poster Red & Orange Swirl Vinyl LP


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Survivor -The Best Of Survivor-Greatest Hits w/Poster Red & Orange Swirl Vinyl LP

Survivor -The Best Of Survivor-Greatest Hits w/Poster Red & Orange Swirl Vinyl LP

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Expected: 2/9/24

Classic rock superstars SURVIVOR Frankie Sullivan, Jim Peterik and Co. joined forces in 1978 in Chicago, Illinois and almost immediately after the release of their first couple of singles like “Poor Man’s Son” success would soon follow as they became one of rock and pop radio go to acts for many years to follow.

Thanks to their smash hit #1 "Eye Of The Tiger” from Rocky II, Survivor finally hit the top of the charts and began a succession of hit albums and huge chart topping singles making them one of the more legendary rock acts of all time. This hit single was the catalyst which would soon make them a major recording and touring act all over the world.

Blending elements of arena style rock and roll, alongside the powerful lead vocals of Jimi Jamison and Dave Bickler, with Survior founders Frankie Sullivan and Jim Peterik, the band truly shaped the sound of rock and pop radio for many years with a string of hit records like “I Can’t Hold Back” ‘High On You” “Is It Love” and the power ballad anthem “The Search Is Over.”

Throughout their tenure with Scotti Brothers, Epic Records and Sony Music, Survivor would release some of the most memorable rock and pop songs ever waxed. Wonderful rockers like "American Heartbeat" "Burning Heart" "The One That Really Matters” and "Caught In The Game" flourished all over the airwaves making these all modern day classics.

In the compact disc era, Sony Music awarded this amazing band with the fantastic collection "The Best Of Survivor" featuring all of their key hit singles and strong album tracks from their long tenure with the label group. This amazing collection has never been released on vinyl.....that is until now!

In honor of the legendary rock superstars Survivor, Friday Music is very pleased to announce the first time ever 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl release of the Sony Music classic “The Best Of Survivor-Greatest Hits”

Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso (Foreigner/Boston/Hall & Oates) at Friday Music Studios from the Sony Music tapes, the first time ever Lp will be pressed for a very limited

Track List:

      Side  1

  1. Eye Of The Tiger
  2. I Can't Hold Back
  3. High On You
  4. Poor Man's Son

     Side 2

  1. The Search Is Over
  2. American Heartbeat
  3. Burning Heart
  4. Is This Love

      Side 3

  1. Ever Since The World Began
  2. The One That Really Matters
  3. Caught In The Game
  4. The Moment Of Truth

      Side 4

  1. Rebel Son
  2. Didn't Know It Was Love

Label: Friday Music

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