It's rough around the edges and pure, full of sincere emotion of the sort you have when you are barely past being a teenager. It all makes me feel very nostalgic. Each song represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of the band and the baby steps that led to where we are now. On it you will find covers of songs we loved by The Shangri-Las, The Flys, and Sebadoh, as well as early versions of Superchunk classics. It also happens to be the first full-length that Merge Records ever released, thanks to Corey Rusk of Touch and Go reaching out and asking if his company could manufacture and distribute records on our behalf. It represents our graduation from being a 7-inch label to the real deal.

Track List:
1.1 What Do I
1.2 My Noise
1.3 Train from Kansas City
1.4 Slack Motherfucker
1.5 Night Creatures
1.6 Garlic
1.7 Fishing
1.8 Cool
1.9 The Breadman
1.10 Cast Iron
1.11 Seed Toss
1.12 It's So Hard to Fall in Love
1.13 Brand New Love

Label: Merge Records

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