Cup of Sand is Superchunk's 2003 singles and rarities compilation. This 3-LP package showcases Superchunk bassist Laura Ballance's paintings from the CD art and features commentary by her, Jim, Jon, and Mac about every track on the album (the ones they remember recording, anyway). The original song notes have been expanded to include the three songs from out-of-print compilations that were added to this remastered vinyl edition.

Track List:
1.1 The Majestic
1.2 Reg
1.3 Her Royal Fisticuffs
1.4 The Mine Has Been Returned to It's Original Owner
1.5 A Small Definition
1.6 Dance Lessons
1.7 Basement Life
1.8 Still Feed Myself
1.9 Fader Rules
1.10 Never Too Young to Smoke
1.11 Detroit Has a Skyline (Acoustic)
1.12 Does Your Hometown Care?
1.13 Everyone Gets Crushed
1.14 Beat My Guest
1.15 With Bells on
1.16 Clover
1.17 Sexy Ankles
1.18 White Noise
1.19 Thin Air
1.20 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
1.21 1,000 Pounds (Duck Kee Style)
1.22 Anything Could Happen
1.23 The Length of Las Ramblas
1.24 Becoming a Speck
1.25 The Hot Break
1.26 A Collection of Accounts
1.27 Freaks in Charge
1.28 Blending in

Label: Merge Records

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