Sun-Odeon is known for her songs of ethereal melancholia and otherworldliness. Desyre picks up the doomy vibe her debut A etherea left us with, weaving it into a heavy, transcendent soundtrack of personal devastation and insight. Last month Audiofemme premiered the album's first single "Roses In The Snow" with Audiofemme along with an exclusive interview with Sondra Sun-Odeon. About the song AudioFemme says, "'Roses in the Snow" is five minutes and 47 seconds of intense meditation on grief and anger, but ultimately also a reflection of healing - a hot bath in which soak an addled mind." Read the full interview and stream "Roses In The Snow" HERE.

Track List:

1.1 Vision
1.2 Desyre
1.3 Roses in the Snow
1.4 Oaks
1.5 Drowning Man
1.6 Hit
1.7 Moved By Joy

Label: Graveface

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