Sparks - Sparks (Orange/Gatefold Cover/Limited Edition) Vinyl LP


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Sparks - Sparks (Orange/Gatefold Cover/Limited Edition) Vinyl LP

Sparks - Sparks (Orange/Gatefold Cover/Limited Edition) Vinyl LP

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Expected: 10/26/23


Originally Sparks were known as Halfnelson, formed in Los Angeles by brother Russell and Ron Mael. Their initial demo tapes got to the attention of Todd Rundgren who was making records for Bearsville Records and he was so intrigued with the band, as their sound was like nothing being offered then or even now. "It wasn't the very first band I discovered, but it was the most unusual thing I ever discovered."

Initially released as Halfnelson, the band's name changed to Sparks as well as the album cover artwork, and their status grew as the first album soon became an underground success with their debut single "Wonder Girl."

For over five decades, Russell and Ron have maintained an amazing career that continues to attract new fans every day, Their concerts sell out all over the world and their catalog of albums is legendary.

Their early Bearsville albums have been fairly vacant over the years on Lp, therefore, we are very pleased to announce their stellar debut "Sparks" on first time ever translucent red vinyl.

Produced by Todd Rundgren and mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso (Todd Rundgren/David Bowie) from the original Bearsville Records tapes, the "Sparks" album will become a much long sought after re-release for old and new fans alike.

We are going to feature the album in a first time ever gatefold cover presentation, complete with lyrics as well as brand new liner notes from the legendary producer Todd Rundgren.


Side: 1

1. Wonder Girl

2. Fa La Fa Lee

3. Roger

4. High C

5. Fletcher Honorama

6. Simple Ballet


1. Slowboat

2. Biology 2

3. Saccharin And The War

4. Big Bands

5. (No More) Mr. Nice Guys

Label: Friday Music

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