Solos (S/T) is the long awaited follow-up to Beast of Both Worlds. Singer-songwriter Aaron Ross and multi-instrumentalist Spencer Seim (Hella, The Advantage, Byre) have created a raw collection of far out pop songs that are a contrast to the rugged, ragged guitar/drum rock of Solos BOBW album, showing a different personality of the band. The duos songwriting and playing shine with all of the artists trademarks exposed by minimal production. Each song features surprising timing and textures, as parts and changes come together in delightfully unexpected ways. Intense drumming and hooky synth lay a foundation for emotive vocals with angelic harmonies. This is an entirely new Solos.

Track List:

1.1 The Distance Between Us
1.2 Unsolved Mysteries
1.3 Chains of the Heart
1.4 Ghostwriter
1.5 Worlds Collide
1.6 Painted Veil

Label: Dowd Records

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