Slavve is a three-piece band that originated in West Palm Beach, FL in 2012. Though they have since relocated to Brooklyn, the trio has deep roots in the music they've always loved. From ripping guitars reminiscent of No Age and early Poison the Well to the melodic heaviness of acts like Deftones and Autolux, Slavve started out as a home project by vocalist/guitarist Chuka Chukuma. He then recruited bassist Alex Goldstein and childhood friend Marcos Marchesani, a former member of Surfer Blood and Weird Wives, to turn Slavve into a fully-formed beast.

Track List:

1.1 Pity Party
1.2 In Your Dreams
1.3 No Joke
1.4 Tomb
1.5 Out of Mind
1.6 Better Half
1.7 And I Know [*]

Label: Bloodmoss

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