A return to form by band leader Colin Huebert (ex-Great Lake Swimmers), his first new work since 2015's Polaris-nominated Nervous, harkening back to the whispered, textural, bedroom indie-folk of Siskiyou's acclaimed 2010 debut. Huebert self-recorded and played almost everything himself, with contributions from guest musicians including cellist and labelmate Rebecca Foon (Saltland, Esmerine) and Destroyer regulars Joseph Shabason and JP Carter on horns and woodwinds. Opening track "Stop Trying" was commissioned by NYC-based artist/designer Stefan Sagmeister (of Sagmeister & Walsh) as the theme song for the film and installation project "The Happy Show" and "The Happy Film".

Track List:

1.1 Stop Trying
1.2 What Ifs
1.3 Temporary Weakness
1.4 The End II: Song of Joy
1.5 Untitled 32 (Live Off of the Land)
1.6 Dying Dying Dying /// Wake Wake Wake
1.7 Unreal Erections /// Severed Heads
1.8 Nothing Disease
1.9 Silhouette
1.10 Her Aim Is Tall
1.11 Stop Trying (Jubilant Reprise)
1.12 Unreal Erections /// Severed Heads (Alternate Outro)

Label: Constellation

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