Simon Goff - Vale Vinyl LP


Ships 5/14/21

Behind the finest and most moving pieces of contemporary-classical music lie deeply personal and poignant stories, and Simon Goff's new album Vale is no exception. The British violinist and composer's dazzling exploration of the interface between violin and technology and between the poles of intimacy and grandeur, as rich and deep and wide as the landscape that lies its heart, named after the Vale of York where Goff grew up. The album encapsulates not just a landscape but a place in time and an identity forged through youth and adulthood, all viewed from his current base in Berlin.

1. Vale
2. Wooden Islands
3. A Process in the Weather of the Heart
4. Murmur
5. Elowen
6. Now
7. I filled my Lungs with the Necessary Air, and Yelled!
8. Sleeping Winds

Label: 7K! Records

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