Vinyl LP pressing. One day they were a group of kids playing benefit shows for the fun of it. Now they've been a band for over a decade, sold more than a million records worldwide and redefined a genre for a generation. Silverstein will release the follow-up to it's album Rescue, which debuted at #37 on the Billboard's Top 200 Album Chart, with a record titled Short Songs, produced by Jordan Valeriote. The release will consist of twenty-two songs that showcase two different sides of the Canadian hardcore band - eleven original tracks and eleven covers.

Track List:
1.1 Sick As Your Secrets
1.2 Sin ; Redemption
1.3 Sos
1.4 Brookfield
1.5 La Marseillaise
1.6 World on Fire
1.7 Sleep Around
1.8 My Miserable Life
1.9 Truth ; Temptation
1.10 One Last Dance
1.11 See Ya Bill
1.12 Short Songs
1.13 236 E. Broadway
1.14 Good Intentions
1.15 Destination: Blood!
1.16 Coffee Mug
1.17 Xon Our Kneesx
1.18 Scenes from Parisian Life
1.19 It's My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite
1.20 Quit Your Job
1.21 The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink
1.22 You Gotta Stay Positive

Label: Hopeless Records

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