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Multi-platinum rock band Shinedown have released their lead single "Planet Zero," the title track from their newly announced seventh studio album out April 22 on Atlantic Records. Planet Zero serves up an incisive look at the issues at hand: cancel culture run rampant, the corrosive effects of social media on mental health and society, and the increasingly toxic division among those of differing ideologies.

Featuring Shinedown's explosive yet artfully crafted sound andurgentlyrics, single"Planet Zero"rings the alarm on a dystopian warning of the dangerous consequences to come when it all goes too far, and we begin to lose our respect for those with differing opinions and our compassion for one another.


Side A:

  1. 2184
  2. No Sleep Tonight
  3. Planet Zero
  4. Welcome
  5. Dysfunctional You

Side B:

  1. Dead Don't Die
  2. Standardized Experiences
  3. America Burning
  4. Do Not Panic
  5. A Symptom Of Being Human

Side C:

  1. Hope
  2. A More Utopian Future
  3. Clueless And Dramatic
  4. Sure Is Fun
  5. Daylight

Side D:

  1. This Is A Warning
  2. The Saints Of Violence And Innuendo
  3. Army Of The Underappreciated
  4. Delete
  5. What You Wanted

Label: Atlantic

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