Vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. 2019 release. There's this dynamic that churns hard in The Blurred Odyssey, the debut album by ascendant Orlando garage-soul enterprise The Sh-Booms. The music pumps with the hot, red blood of life irrepressible. But there's a cloud on the horizon, the doomed sense of life's finitude, that fueled these songs. Rather than dead-end nihilism, though, it's resulted in the kind of urgent, creative friction that Hunter S. Thompson could get down with. In making this album, The Sh-Booms have dug through the blur of life, swam through a sea of booze, to find love and truth in the shadow of the void. Although a soul band through and through, the grease and bite they've been picking up in the years leading up to this big step out have been forged in the bad company of punk and garage bands. From that underground now rises a new hurricane of big orchestration, maximum stomp and fresh intent. It's a little ache and a lot of party all wrapped up in a wrecking ball.

Track List:
1.1 Amidst Chaos
1.2 Detox to Retox
1.3 Leon the Hustler
1.4 Audible
1.5 Late Night Lover
1.6 Dry Eyes
1.7 Walk It Off
1.8 King ; Queen
1.9 Drop 'Em Dead
1.10 The Final Step

Label: Limited Fanfare

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