Mirroring the expansive noise and incisive shadow of PJ Harvey, with the fearless abandon of Nick Cave, and vocal play of Bjork, Kelli Schaefer's No Identity travels through the American landscape so many left and forgot to examine. Driven to explore the darkest corners of her own origin, and also to step outside of herself, No Identity came into being after two years. It is a story marked with resolve and prowess - muscular guitar, rumbling bass, and vocals that bend over themselves and spring back to shape. The melodies are pop with meat on their bones. It is art-pop with depth and vision, the product of an artist who not only carved out a space for herself, but has grown into a voice that has the potential to shape a landscape.

Track List:

1.1 No Identity
1.2 Big Black Box
1.3 Mind Is a Cone
1.4 Moonstruck
1.5 Underground
1.6 Shiny Black Feathers
1.7 Machine
1.8 Gold Baby
1.9 Holy Shotgun
1.10 Bad for You

Label: Amigo Amiga

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