Vinyl LP pressing. Sasami (aka Sasami Ashworth) has been making music in the Los Angeles area, in almost every way you can, for the last decade. From playing French horn in orchestras and studios and playing keys, bass, and guitar in local rock bands (Cherry Glazerr, Dirt Dress), to contributing vocals/string/horn arrangements to studio albums (Curtis Harding, Wild Nothing, Hand Habits) and producing on tracks for other respected artists (Soko), she has gained a reputation as an all-around musical badass. Sasami's self-titled debut album is playful, heartfelt and personal, chronicling the surprising ways that relationships - with lovers, with friends, with oneself - can shift in a single year. Sasami says, "'Not the Time' and 'Callous' are basically entries in the diary that is my first record of songs. Maybe it's a mix of a diary and a collection of letters; written but never sent, to people I've been intimately involved with in one way or another."

Track List:

1.1 I Was a Window (Feat. Dustin Payseur)
1.2 Not the Time
1.3 Morning Comes
1.4 Free (Feat. Devendra Banhart)
1.5 Pacify My Heart
2.1 At Hollywood
2.2 Jealousy
2.3 Callous
2.4 Adult Contemporary (Feat. Soko)
2.5 Turned Out I Was Everyone

Label: Domino

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