The new album from underground rock & roll legend Dex Romweber (Flat Duo Jets) plays like the jukebox at the full service honky-tonk saloon, jazz club, Tin Pan Alley pitch house, and blues joint along the tracks. "It's one of his strongestefforts - a terrific collection of original songs and covers that seems like a snapshot of his entire career, from primitive rockabilly to haunting instrumentals to vintage-sounding surf to gorgeous ballads." - PREMIERE GUITAR

Track List:

1.1 I Had a Dream
1.2 Lonesome Train
1.3 Nightide
1.4 Tomorrow's Taking Baby Away
1.5 Trouble of the World
1.6 My Funny Valentine
1.7 I Don't Know
1.8 Where Do You Roam?
1.9 Smile
1.10 Knock Knock (Who's That Knocking on My Coffin Lid Door?)
1.11 Midnight at Vic's
1.12 Out of the Way
1.13 Tell Me Why I Do

Label: Bloodshot Records

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