When Bambi and Cole Browning started writing the songs that would be become Reptaliens' 2017 debut LP, FM-2030, they had no intention of starting a band. Focusing at first on creating music and art on a purely personal level, the project soon took off when the duo brought on Julian Kowalski (guitar) and Tyler Verigin (drums) to form a live band. The four-piece swiftly delved into songwriting inspired by sci-fi art and literature, cult mentalities, and deep connections. The result is the band's self-defined genre of "dreamwave," which connected musical influences ranging from Gary Wilson-inspired jazzy lounge music, the warmth of Broadcast's recording production, to Todd Rundgren's outer space synth sounds.

Track List:

1.1 Sunrise, Sunset
1.2 Venetian Blinds
1.3 Shuggie 1
1.4 Shuggie 2
1.5 Baby Come Home
1.6 Changing
1.7 Echo Park
1.8 Give Me Your Love
1.9 Song for Moon
1.10 Wake Up
1.11 Sweet, Innocent You
1.12 Heather

Label: Captured Tracks Rec.

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