Vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. The new material perfectly showcases the band's melodic nous, fizzing backbeat and frenetic energy, with each new song easily fitting in to the band's extensive catalogue of hit singles. Formed around singer/guitarist Johnny Borrell, the band's debut album 'Up All Night' debuted at #3, carried era defining hits such as 'Golden Touch' and 'Somewhere Else' and went on to sell over 1.2M copies in the UK. With their self-titled follow-up, Razorlight truly made the leap onto the international stage, with the album providing top-ten singles across the UK and Europe and the band headlining festivals and touring the world. Now the band are back with their explosively exuberant new album, Olympus Sleeping. As Johnny describes it: "I made this record in a spirit of nothing but enjoyment. This album is my very pure love letter to a certain type of music - the music that first inspired so many people to form and follow bands."

Track List:

1.1 Adam Green Skit
1.2 Got to Let the Good Times Back Into Your Life
1.3 Razorchild
1.4 Brighton Pier
1.5 Good Night
1.6 Carry Yourself
1.7 Japanrock
1.8 Midsummer Girl
1.9 Iceman
1.10 Sorry?
1.11 Olympus Sleeping
1.12 No Answers
1.13 City of Women

Label: Atlantic Culture Rec

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