Boundary-pushing, thrilling, unique: Psychedelic Horseshit blaze with a vitality reminiscent of FatCat alumni Animal Collective and Black Dice in those bands' early, wildly creative incipience. Laced marks a forward stylistic shift for the band, delivering a coherent set of bustling, hookladen, melted outsider pop songs. Keeping a step ahead of the lo-fi scene they christened "shitgaze", they've drawn on a broad range of influences instead of the xeroxed anorexia of many of their peers, have ruffled feathers by critically speaking out, and carved out caustic, humorous social commentary.

Track List:

1.1 Puff
1.2 Time of Day
1.3 French Countryside
1.4 Laced
1.5 Tropical Vision
1.6 I Hate the Beach
1.7 Another Side
1.8 Revolution Wavers
1.9 Dead on Arrival
1.10 Automatic Writing
1.11 Making Out

Label: Fat Cat

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