The album title already suggests what to expect from The Prophecy 23's new album: Fresh Metal!With thrash metal, death metal and punk all put through a meat grinder, The Prophecy 23 sound as fresh as never before! The 4th studio album offers quite a few surprises, including but not limited to slap bass parts or lyrics that have a strong Beastie Boys vibe. Songs like "No Deep Talks, Just Drinks", "We Love Fresh Metal" or "I Wish I Could Skate" are already loved by the audience at gigs. Now we have to wait and see if The Prophecy 23 actually have invented a new genre (fresh metal) - time will tell. The beer bottle-shaped air freshener - which is part of the limited box set - will supply a fresh breeze in 2020, that's for sure!The green prophecy strikes back - greener and fresher than ever. Expect the unexpected!

Track List:
1.1 We Love Fresh Metal
1.2 No Deep Talks - Just Drinks
1.3 Caps, Trucks and Rock 'N' Roll
1.4 Pump It Up
1.5 I Wish I Could Skate
1.6 Beach, Waves, Beers, Babes
1.7 Calm Down
1.8 Intergalactic Anti Capitalism
1.9 We Kindly Ask to Shred
1.10 Mammon
1.11 Mexico Maya Mosh
1.12 P y L
1.13 Prankster
1.14 The Greenwolf

Label: Massacre

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