Limited blue vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. There is just no stopping Chris The Professor Black. With High Spirits and Dawnbringer he has created some of the best and most unconventional heavy metal music around today. At first glance I Am The Rock is the one solo album that fulfills the listener's expectations 100%. It surely has this MotA rhead feel about it. Was it the easiest of the three albums to write? "Actually, it was both easy and hard," replies Chris Black. "This type of song comes to me very naturally, however, I did have a very exact concept to keep in mind. I couldn't stray too far." Take a song like "Dance Of Death" for example, it's more MotA rhead than MotA rhead ever was since Iron Fist... "It's one of my favorite songs," beams Chris Black. "But make sure you check out 'Burner' or 'See Me Burning'! And the chorus harmonies are right off of Sacrifice. I love the '90s-era MotA rhead just as much as the '70s and '80s stuff. By the way, for I Am the Rock, almost all of the guitars were played by my colleague Mark Sugar. I did a handful of solos, but 'Shakedown' for example is Mark all the way. If we are being strict about the definition of a 'solo album', then Sunrise is the only one here where I played all of the instruments myself."

Track List:

1.1 Get It on
1.2 Bad News
1.3 Dance of Death
1.4 Hired Gun
1.5 Watch What You Say
1.6 Shakedown
1.7 End of the Line
1.8 Don't Talk to Me
1.9 Three Devils
1.10 I Am the Rock
1.11 Hard to Please

Label: High Roller

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