DEATH TOLL is the new full length by POPULATION CONTROL. It contains 10 songs of blackened thrash metal that will be sure to crush you flat. All the tracks are take no prisoners, no mercy displays of thrash metal like you have not quit heard it before. The assault starts with the first track and does not let up till the very last note of the last track.POPULATION CONTROL is based out of the industrial Midwest city of Milwaukee, WI.It's a tough working class blue collard place and POPULATION CONTROL and their sound is defiantly a product of that harsh environment.POPULATION CONTROL aren't new comers either. They have been honing their craft in the Milwaukee underground since 2014. Now being signed to BEER CITY they are emerging to unleash their ferocious version of blackened thrash metal onto the world!They will most likely be coming to your town soon enough. In the meantime pick upDeath Toll and be prepared for the aggression and intensity that is about to be unleashed!

Track List:

1.1 In the Winter Burn
1.2 They Won't Stay Dead
1.3 Threshold of Punishment
1.4 From Where the Rotting Stench Came
1.5 Fog of War
1.6 Reborn Into Failure
1.7 Terminal Choke
1.8 Drowning in the Trenches of My Mind
1.9 Genetic Overkill
1.10 Death Toll

Label: Beer City Records

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