PE2.0 - CATALOG Vinyl LP

Songs. Movements. Better Mindsets. These are the distinct words that drive Project Experience Millennium. After FOUR albums of revolutionary songs we present to you THE CATALOG, a condensed look at the PE2.0 collection to date. These songs give you a good look into the mind of lead MC Jahi over Public Enemy joints you may have forgotten about and new songs that hit just as hard. Featuring appearances by legends Chuck D and KRS-One, THE CATALOG is a great introduction to the extended PE universe.

Track List:
1.1 A1 People Get Ready
1.3 Survival
1.4 World Beat
1.5 Louder Than a Bomb
1.6 Yo!
1.7 Three Words
1.8 Beautiful Wonderful
1.9 It's About Time
1.10 BLK Thesis

Label: The Spitslam Record

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