Atlanta's Pallas make art post-punk akin to many groups that were emerging in the 80's who leaned towards more abstract, atmospheric and post-modern approaches to their song writing. Pallas take an interest in rhythms usually not found in western music, the complexities of 1970's free and avant-jazz and some how stew it down to a primitive form - building songs more in the vein of pop structure out of these creative ideals. Singer Danielle Brutto's voice has a ghost-like quality that floats along side guitarist Zane Dufrees harsh jabs and strange textures. The rhythm section of 19-year old drummer Decker D'also and bassist Valentina Tapia supply an angular, confident but always bizarre rhythm and tempo to the groups compositions.

Track List:
1.1 Render (Location 13)
1.2 Cast a Lion, Cured a Crow
1.3 Lavender Lout
1.4 Itchy Feet (Location 12)
1.5 Wide Line
1.6 Recoil
1.7 Down

Label: Drop Medium

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