Lupus Metallorum is the sophomore album by Old Iron. From the opening riff, the precedent is set for the trio's no-frills combination of ruthless noise rock and bottom-heavy sludge. Weighty riffs and malevolent stomp tap into the same adrenaline-producing frequency as a battle cry, with guitarist/vocalist Jesse Roberts' howl summoning the same primitive visceral response as the Western Huns' harrowing call-to-arms. If Roberts and his cohorts Jerad Shealey (bass) and Trent McIntyre (drums) were merely interested in using their tactics as a study in Pavlovian conditioning, Lupus Metallorum would succeed in making us salivating over their riffs. Lupus Metallorum captures the full weight of a band whose megalithic sound had previously best been experienced live and in the flesh. First pressing includes hand screened lyrics sheet w/ bonus artwork (limited to 250)

Track List:

1.1 Friday Glendale
1.2 Gravewax
1.3 Maelstrom of the Black Tempest
1.4 Bogwitch
1.5 Interlude
1.6 Lupus Metallorum
1.7 Bloody Angles
1.8 Valerian
1.9 Nightmare Tooth
1.10 Banisteriopsis Caapi

Label: Good to Die Records

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