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Limited 150gm colored vinyl LP pressing including digital download. 2016 release by the alt-rock trio. Blush draws on influences such as A 90s era Weezer and the Beach Boys. The record features fuzzy guitars and twinkly leads paired with soft, reverb-heavy vocals and complex harmonies. Night School was formed through a friendship bond over sharing oranges at the park. Alexandra Morte and Baylie Arin met in the spring of 2013 through mutual friends and very shortly after began working on music together. Alexandra had been working on some songs and was looking for a drummer; Baylie was the perfect match with similar musical interests and songs of her own that were a perfect fit. They began working on songs in the vein of 60's bands such as The Crystals, The Shirelles and The Shangri-las with heavy distortion and reverb on guitars. The two began to work on their debut EP Heart Beat and recorded it in the spring of 2014. After the recording of Heart Beat, BaylieA s friend Cheyenne Avant, who had been living in Los Angeles, moved back up to Oakland and completed the band playing bass. Heart Beat was released in October of 2014 following a split EP with fellow label mates Dott entitled Carousel. Night School shared the stage with acts such as Best Coast, Whirr and Creepoid in 2015.

Track List:

1.1 These Times
1.2 Last Disaster
1.3 Casanova
1.4 City Kiss
1.5 Misty and Blue
1.6 Airplanes
1.7 Hypnotized
1.8 Teen Feelings
1.9 Lost
1.10 Pink

Label: Graveface
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