This is a compilation curated by Anthony Fantano, host of the popular music review site, The Needle Drop. The Compilation consists of artists that have either been featured on the site or reviewed favorably in the past. The Needle Drop's profits will be donated to the non-profit organization, The Immigrant Legal Resource Center. Includes artists Polyphia, Xiu Xiu, Open Mike Eagle, Chong the Nomad and many more!

Track List:
1.1 Open Mike Eagle - The Edge Of New Clothes
1.2 Polyphia à ƒ ƒ ¢ € “ Inferno
1.3 Haru Nemuri - Kick In The World(Alternate Version)
1.4 Zeal ; Ardor - Last Coat Of Paint
1.5 Oxbow à ƒ ƒ ¢ € “ Host (Alternate Version)
1.6 Austen Riley - Untitled Nos. 6 ; 7
1.7 Street Sects - Fourteen Frames(Feat. Nick Sadler ; Lingua Ignota)
1.8 Xiu Xiu - Yellow Candle
1.9 KULT KRIMES - I Am The Devil(Feat. Kode Break)
1.10 HMLTD à ƒ ƒ ¢ € “ Gloria
1.11 Mark Kozelek - The Harp Song(Feat. Ben Boye ; Jim White)
1.12 Iglooghost - Grey Jab
1.13 Chong The Nomad - Undervelvet (Feat. Stas THEE Boss)
1.14 Uncommon Nasa - Voided
1.15 Cal Chuchesta - Rubber Duck (Pick Up Truck)

Label: Postlude Paradox

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