In the winter of 2019, Bob Mould bucked the era's despair with his most melodic, upbeat album in ages, Sunshine Rock. Cut to spring of 2020, and he has this to say: "We're really in deep shit now." That sentiment informs the new full-length album, Blue Hearts, the raging-but-catchy yin to Sunshine Rock's yang. Recorded at the famed Electrical Audio in Chicago with Beau Sorenson engineering and Mould producing, Blue Hearts nods to Mould's past while remaining firmly planted in the issues of the day.

Track List:

1.1 Heart on My Sleeve
1.2 Next Generation
1.3 American Crisis
1.4 Fireball
1.5 Forecast of Rain
1.6 When You Left
1.7 Siberian Butterfly
1.8 Everyth!Ng to You
1.9 Racing to the End
1.10 Baby Needs a Cookie
1.11 Little Pieces
1.12 Leather Dreams
1.13 Password to My Soul
1.14 The Ocean

Label: Merge Records

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