We're stoked to announce the pre-order of 'I Cannibali' (aka 'The Cannibals' / 'The Year Of The Cannibals'), score to the dystopic 1970's masterpiece by Liliana Cavani, entirely composed and orchestrated by no less than Maestro Ennio Morricone and conducted by Bruno Nicolai. The opus features poignant vocal apprerances of Don Powell and Audrey Nohra Stainton as well as the glorious choir I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni, also including alternate takes and previously unreleased tracks, perfectly mastered for vinyl by Carlo Altobelli at Toxic Basement Studio.

Track List:
1.1 Song of Life (Organo)
1.2 Cannibal
1.3 Song of Life (Coro)
1.4 Dove Sei Dove Siete Voi
1.5 Marcia Dei Can Can (Ii Corta)
1.6 Senza PossibilitA D'uscita
1.7 Song of Life (Strumenti)
1.8 Cannibal (Cantata)
1.9 Song of Life (Piano Elettrico E Organo)
1.10 Dove Sei Dove Siete Voi (Organo)
1.11 Ricerca Del Fratello
1.12 Marcia Dei Can Can (Corta)
1.13 Song of Life (Cantata)
1.14 Cannibal (Cantata II)
1.15 Song of Life (Organo)
1.16 Dove Sei Dove Siete Voi (Oboe)
1.17 Marcia Dei Can Can
1.18 Cannibal (Chitarra E Piano Elettrico)
1.19 Scherzo RondA
1.20 Scherzo RondA (Corta)
1.21 Cannibal (Swing)
1.22 Cannibal (Chitarra E Voce)
1.23 Cannibal (Finale)
1.24 Cannibal (Mix II)
1.25 Cannibal (Chitarra E Voce II)

Label: Spikerot Records

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