Double vinyl LP pressing including digital download. 2016 release from the dusky post rock quartet. Initially leaning on a more psych-metal sound with the self-released Plague House EP under their original moniker Leatherdaddy, Seattle's Merso is now moving into somber, more conceptual territory inspired by the proggy work of King Crimson and Yes, as well as the metaphorical underpinnings of Alan Moore's groundbreaking run writing Swamp Thing. Red World ties all that together into a sound that Sennholz describes as "something very mellow at the start but then gets progressively darker and darker..." The band describes themselves as "four friends making Prog Punk Americana".

Track List:

1.1 Astoria
1.2 Reunion Show
1.3 Ten Years in a Juvenile Fantasy
1.4 Librium
2.1 Serial Killer
2.2 Red World Part I
2.3 Red World Part II
2.4 Red World Part III

Label: Good to Die Records

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