Vinyl LP pressing. Madness and truth are said to be inseparable, and with their album Money, Lies, and Media Reels, St Louis's Maximum Effort is a testament to that statement. Resting somewhere between science-fiction and stone cold gospel, Maximum Effort is a self-described punk rock "Awareness Group" that uses a tightly honed guitar driven sound to deliver a spastic message about government cover-ups, alien conspiracies, and technologies that control our every move. With equal parts anger and humor, Maximum Effort is a rock 'n' roll juggernaut hell-bent on exposing the reality behind the layers of deception that surround our every movement. Maximum Effort features the guitar playing of Adam Hoskins, most known for his work with contemporary Americana star Pokey LaFarge. In the comfort of Marshall stacks, Hoskins shines as a fierce player with razor sharp accuracy, playing infectious riffs and scorching solos that demand the spotlight. Singer Nicholas Zengerleng spits vocals like a politician in a fit of paranoid hysterics, manically spinning takes of Big Foot, Jesus Christ the Alien, the impending police state, and evil plots that would seem to fit right at home in an episode of the X-Files or George Noory's Coast to Coast. The blistering rhythm section pounds ruthlessly in the background, adding a pulse that could be hypnotic if it weren't moving so quickly in misdirection.

Track List:

1.1 Hand Shake
1.2 False Flag
1.3 Big Disease
1.4 O.O.T
1.5 J.P. Wheeler
1.6 Narco Corrido
1.7 Gravitator
1.8 MH370
1.9 1In5
1.10 Jesus Was An Alien
1.11 Water
1.12 Apes of the States
1.13 Koch
1.14 Kurzell World
1.15 Paranoid

Label: Big Muddy Records

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