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Manafest is a barrier breaking singer, songwriter, rapper, author and skater. He effortlessly merges rock, rap and pop throughout his music, carefully assembling experiences and compelling inspirations that speak to a wide variety of fans across the globe. His unique style has garnered him notable achievements such as four JUNO nominations, multiple GMA Dove nominations and a slew of GMA Canada Covenant awards. His music has been featured in the NFL, video games, throughout television shows such as Knight Rider, One Tree Hill and MTV Unplugged, and most recently in the movie Hard Target 2. His intelligent and contagious music has sold over 300,000 albums worldwide and has brought him to perform over 1,000 shows across 4 continents. This international artist has truly lived up these very words. From a young age Manafest has gone through life altering events that have made him the person he is today, such as losing his father to suicide at the age of five years old and having to put aside a budding skateboarding career due to an accident. Music gave Manafest the outlet he needed to spread positivity to others and he's on a mission to reach more people than ever delivering uplifting, envelope-pushing and inspirational music.

Track List:

1.1 Stones
1.2 House of Cards
1.3 Firestarter
1.4 When the Truth Comes Out
1.5 Find a Way to Fight
1.6 You're Gonna Rise
1.7 Blow You Away
1.8 Coming Back
1.9 Merry Go Round
1.10 Amplifier
1.11 Won't Give Up

Label: Manafest Productions
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