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Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing including digital download. Colorado-based legends Magic Music - dubbed the state's first "jam band" - have a storied history beginning as a merry troop of A 70s renegades whose brotherhood was eternally forged in the music they made. Time passed and band's members sought their own paths but remained in touch. This 2016 album is produced by childhood friend and now member Tim Goodman, best known for his works with the Doobie Brothers, Emmylou Harris, and Johnny Cash, as well as a co-founder of the platinum-selling country rock group Southern Pacific. The inclusion of Jimmy Haslip (Yellow Jackets), Tommy Major (Entrain), Scarlet Rivera (Bob Dylan), plus guest appearances by John McFee, Billy Payne and many others has resulted in an astonishing musical journey. If there ever was a labor of love, this music is it. The Magic Music debut album is 40 years in the making. The Magic IS Real.

Track List:

1.1 Bring the Morning Down
1.2 Bright Sun Bright Rain
1.3 Mole's Stumble
1.4 The Porcupine Flats Shuffle
1.5 The Shuffle Refrain
1.6 Gandy Dancer
1.7 Carolina Wind
1.8 The Flatbush Jig
1.9 Eldorado Canyon
1.10 Sundance
1.11 A Cossack's Song
1.12 Old Man Das
1.13 Country
1.14 Hayin'
1.15 Better Days
1.16 Our Song/Colorado Rockies
1.17 The Cosmic Jingle

Label: Bright Sun Records
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