Recording as Lontalius, New Zealander Eddie Johnston released his debut album I'll Forget 17 on Brooklyn-based indie Partisan Records in March 2016. He moved to LA to work on his second album 'All I Have' with Grammy award winning producer Om'Mas Keith (Frank Ocean, John Legend, Jay-Z) and Jim Fairchild (Modest Mouse and Grandaddy)."We started in an Om'Mas Keith world but I realized I love live bands and that I didn't want to make a completely electronic R&B album," Johnston says of his decisive moment in Los Angeles. "I wanted drums and energy." Having spent a week in the studio with Keith, a rarity for an artist whose bedroom recordings took him from his family home to international success, Johnston then began working with Jim Fairchild, a member of legendary bands Grandaddy and Modest Mouse. "I'd tell him I'd want things to sound like U2 but not like U2 and he'd understand," he says of his like-minded relationship with Fairchild. Surrender EP has over 500k streams since 26th April. Debut single from new upcoming album Make My Dreams Come True, over 100k streams on Spotify in week 1.

Track List:
1.1 Old Mentalities
1.2 Make My Dreams Come True
1.3 Swim
1.4 Nothing Makes Me Feel Stronger
1.5 All I Have
1.6 Summer
1.7 Optimistic
1.8 Carelessly

Label: PBWH

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