Limited double vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release, the third album from the acclaimed Australian band. Synthia was recorded in Sydney with producer/engineer Lachlan Mitchell. Of the album and recording process, Hayley Mary notes, "This is a record we made ourselves, at our own behest... we just had a natural momentum. We were back in Sydney [from London] in January, got together to rehearse and wrote about four songs in a week." She continues, "Previously I've shrouded myself a lot in mystery and the language of romanticism; played roles and stuff-which reflected some kind of truth about how I felt as a woman. Now I feel like I can be much more upfront... The truth about how it feels to be a woman has become a more prominent part of the general conversation in the last couple of years... these are exciting times. I think we've made an album that celebrates that."

Track List:
1.1 Stand and Deliver
1.2 My Love Is My Disease
1.3 Smile
1.4 Unnatural
1.5 A Message from My Mothers Passed
1.6 Come Alive
1.7 Pleasure Drive
1.8 Flowers in the Attic
1.9 If Ya Want Me
1.10 Stamina

Label: Jezabels

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