Inferno - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Vinyl LP


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Inferno - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Inferno - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Vinyl LP

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The second film in Argento’s Le Tre Madri trilogy, INFERNO finds a new cast of characters trapped in a damp, dark dream of New York, filled with rabid cats, secret crawl spaces and shadowy figures, and of course goes up in flames. 

The film marks a radical sonic shift for Argento, who had relied heavily on Goblin for Gialli past. Prog rocker Keith Emerson’s haunting theme on piano lends a melodramatic, even balletic, air to the stylistic violence on screen. The soundtrack supplements electronic work with orchestral and choral compositions for this eerie tale of an NYC poet, an ancient book and the Mother of Darkness. 

This two-disc set features the original Cinevox LP on disc one and all-new artwork from Luke Insect. The second disc consists of eight tracks, two of which have only ever been previously released on CD and six newly unearthed tracks from the Cinevox archive that have never been heard until now.


Side A
Inferno (Main Title Theme) (2:54)
Rose's Descent Into The Cellar (4:55)
Taxi Ride (Rome) (2:12)
The Library (0:55)
Sarah In The Library Vaults (1:15)
Bookbinder's Delight (1:08)
Rose Leaves The Apartment (3:27)
Rose Gets It (2:06)

Side B
Elisa's Story (1:08)
A Cat Attic Attack (3:10)
Kazanian's Tarantella (3:31)
Mark's Discovery (1:20)
Mater Tenebrarum (2:35)
Inferno Finale (2:23)
Cigarettes, Ices, Etc. (2:50)

Side C
Inferno (Suite) (10:17)
Inferno (Suspense) (1:09)

Side D
Inferno (Demonic Souls) (2:28)
Rose Gets It (Alt. Take) (2:00)
Inferno (Mother Death) (1:55)
Inferno (Shadows) (1:40)
Rose Gets It (Alt. Take 2) (2:21)
Inferno (Welcome To Hell) (1:23)
Label: Mondo
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