Vinyl LP pressing. Nothing compares to live energy. It transfers from the stage to the crowd and back again. Incite harness that spark on their fourth full-length album and highly anticipated 2016 metal release, Oppression. In fact, it's something that the group - Richie Cavalera (vocals), Dru "tang" Rome (lead guitar), Derek Lennon Lopez (drums), Christopher "EL" Elsten (bass), and Kevin "Dis" McAllister (co-writer) - realized in the middle of the cycle supporting their critically acclaimed 2014 offering, Up In Hell. The first single "No Remorse" steamrolls from a thrashed-out intro into a growling gruff chant. With a blazing lead, it immediately rips and roars to life. "Life's Disease" sees Richie and Connor Garritty of All Hail The Yeti trade piercing screams over a thudding six-string chug. Speaking of guests SiriusXM host and longtime fan Jose Mangin lends his instantly recognizable scream, "Heavy fucking metal" to the beginning of "I Want It All." Then, there's "Stagnant," which wields a pummeling groove like a wrecking ball.

Track List:
1.1 Never Surrender
1.2 Lost Reality
1.3 Stangnant
1.4 No Remorse
1.5 Oppression
1.6 Life's Disease (Feat. Connor Garritty)
1.7 Forced Into Life
1.8 Worst of Me
1.9 I Want It All (Feat. Jose Mangin)
1.10 Silenced

Label: Minus Head Records

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