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Destiny is the second album by Australian prog-pop eccentric Gregor.It takes the spacious, inquisitive pop of his acclaimed debut SilverDrop and puts it through a warped filter.Destiny is a lovesick epic, filled with melodies turning obsessive, linesrepeating until they become mantras, and production expandinglogarithmically. Beginning with the gentle beauty of The Rock (and theStars), the album grows progressively haunted, with images reflectingand refracting until Gregor's much-loved bedroom pop is completelyreimagined.Destiny is a post-modern take on the concept album, sifting throughevery example from Dark Side of the Moon to My Beautiful Dark TwistedFantasy to create something wholly new.In 2018, the spacious, acerbic pop of Silver Drop introduced Gregortothe wider world. Touching single A Song About Holding Hands became aglobal couple's favourite, and Gregor sold out every headline show heplayed through 2018-19. Silver Drop was album of the week acrossAustralian community radio, and Gregor was nominated for BestAlbum and Best Solo Artist in the 2019 Music Victoria Awards

Track List:

1.1 The Rock (And the Stars)
1.2 That's the Sky
1.3 Mother of Spring
1.4 Senseless
1.5 The Morning Light
1.6 Love Echoes Loud
1.7 A Shimmering Feeling
1.8 A Night in Neptune

Label: Chapter Music
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