First-time release of this cult classic film score by Mark Governor! Features everything he wrote for the film including an entire bonus side of demos/alt takes!

Track List:

1.1 Main Title
1.2 Electrocution
1.3 Funeral
1.4 Vet's Office
1.5 Cat Walk/Tiger Vs Zowie/Geoff Punches Clyde
1.6 Pet Sematary
1.7 Fading Away (Feat Jan King)
1.8 Burying Zowie/Mic Mac
1.9 Zowie Returns
1.10 Geoff's Nightmare
1.11 Halloween/Mommy's Here
1.12 Amanda Confesses/Gus Gets It
1.13 Oh My God.../Ditchin' Gus
1.14 Gus Come Back/Rape/Twins/Fist
1.15 Chase Loads Gun
1.16 Love Never Dies (Feat. Traci Lords)
1.17 Moped Chase
1.18 Gus Chases Drew
1.19 Drew Escapes
1.20 One Potato, Two Potato/Geoff in the Attic
1.21 Geoff Digs Mom
1.22 Zowie Bites/Doggie Door/Mannequin
1.23 Gus Drills Chase
1.24 Renee Returns/Family Reunion
1.25 Clyde Returns
1.26 Renee Burns
1.27 Leaving Town
1.28 Love Never Dies (Feat Jan King)
1.29 Dead
1.30 Main Title Demo
1.31 Electrocution Demo
1.32 Nightmare Demo
1.33 Love Never Dies MG Original Demo
1.34 Dead Instrumental
1.35 Fading Away Instrumental
1.36 Love Never Dies Instrumental
1.37 Main Title (Original Film Mix)

Label: Terror Vision

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